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Competitiveness in the international market brings to offering a wide quality assurance, as well as technologies able to improve processes with a reduction of economic costs, energy and environmentally friendly.

VAC-TRON S.A. has an R&D department to serve the market and our clients requirements. Different research projects related to new and advanced materials and surface treatment have been carried out and are still being studied.

Members of the Advanced Materials Cluster of Catalonia (CMAV)



R&D projects developed:

- Technologies and methodologies for surface treatment of components with Glass-To-Metal Seals (2014 - 2016). Funded by CDTI.
- New manufacturing processes for hermetic components using Glass-To-Metal Sealing technologies (2017 - 2019). Funded by CDTI.
- Developments of new manufacturing processes for hermetic components with high electrical conductivity (2021 – 2023). Funded by CDTI.
- Industrial PhD: Characterization of Glass-Metal bond in Glass to Metal Seal Technology (GTMS) and the study of new materials and manufacturing process. Carried out with Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and Industrial PhD Grant from AGAUR.