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Glass-to-Metal Seals Technology

Hermetic Encapsulation Products

  • Engineering design

       From our engineering department we offer our experience and knowledge to succeed in future projects.
  • Glass preform

    We have the capability to produce our own glass preform with four presses and one special furnace.
  • Mission, vision and values

    Vac-tron believes in its clients. We trust in hard work, transparency and constant collaboration with...
  • History

    VAC-TRON has celebrated the 35th anniversary on the 2020 of its presence in the GLASS-Metal sealing market.

Welcome Message

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the website of Vac-Tron.

The purpose of this site is to provide information about the services that we can offer in the Glass Metal seals market.

In addition, through the links provided, you can have a general idea about what Vac-Tron does, which services we can offer and which are the areas of working.

It is an honor to have you visiting our website, which we hope will be useful.

Don’t hesitate on contacting us for any kind of question.