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Plating process

Plating processes are used to improve or modify the surface properties. These can be functional (corrosion resistant, wear, hardness, weldability...) or decorative (colour, brightness…).

Coating metals used in glass-to-metal seal (GTMS) are mainly functional coatings, but aspect is also important.

Some important features must consider during plating components of GTMS.
VAC-TRON has designed a modern electroplating line to achieve customer requirements and to improve coating processes.

Our coatings:

• Nickel (sulphamate & electroless)
• Tin
• Copper
• Gold (Type I, Type II and Type III according to ASTM B488)
• Others: Silver, electroless Gold,…

Our processes:

• Barrel, rack, selective plating, vibrarrel.
• Sand blasting, Vibratory finishing,…