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Mission, vision and values


The mission of the company is to offer products with GTMS technology that meet the requirements of our customers, current legislation, and other applicable requirements. They must be competitive and improve their position in the market, both national and internationally. This objective is achieved thanks to the satisfaction of our clients and the fulfillment of obligations, both formal and ethical, with all interested parts detailed in the quality and environmental manual of VAC-TRON.


The vision consists of expanding our technical knowledge to be able to develop new technologies in the field of hermeticity, following a proactive policy in R&D, which allows increasing the commercial offer of the company.


The values to achieve these objectives consist of promoting the work ethic of the company, contributing to the personal and professional development of its employees and respect for client confidentiality. It also includes a commitment to comply with environmental requirements to protect the environment, as well as prevent contamination or the use of unsustainable resources.